About Kim Mitchell

Kim’s passion for dog and human communication started when she became involved in fostering shelter dogs back in 2013. The drive she had to help as many dogs as possible led her to start her own dog rescue, Granite State Paw Rescuers. “Helping people find the right dog is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever been involved in. Shelters are full of amazing dogs that weren’t given the chance they deserve. Because of the lack of knowledge, lack of basic training and socialization, neglect on the owner’s part or a combination of these, dogs end up homeless. I wanted to be part of the solution”, says Kim. 

Kim didn’t stop there. She went on to educating herself in the proper way to work with dogs in a training capacity. Starting with basic clicker training, learning to help fearful dogs and education in aggression thresholds in dogs. Kim comes to You and Your Dog Training & Services as a CCTA Certified Dog Trainer (CCDT). She graduated with Distinction from the CATCH Trainers Academy.

Kim's positive training approach, knowledge of dog body language and passion to support dogs and their people on their journey through life together fits perfectly with the values of You and Your Dog Training & Services.

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