About Ashley Clark

Ashley Clark has been training dogs professionally for over 10 years. She is the Head Trainer and owner of You and Your Dog Training & Services, LLC located in New Boston, NH. Her training experiences include preparation for AKC Novice obedience, agility, Begleithund (BH), tracking, scent work, in-kennel training, and group classes. She has volunteered at various shelters and rescues, spending over five years leading a shelter dog class at a local rescue, helping fellow volunteers enrich the lives of dogs in their care. 

Ashley is a graduate of Marlboro College, where she received a Bachelor of Science Degree fulfilling pre-med requirements. The focus of Ashley's college thesis was on the application of Eastern medicine in conjunction with Western medicine for animals. Since graduating, Ashley has pursued her goal of bettering the lives of dogs. In doing so the learning never stops. Ashley continues her canine education by attending, in person and virtually, dog training workshops, seminars, and conferences. The unconditional love and respect she has for all animals has allowed her the honor of turning her passion into her profession.

Ashley specializes in "obedience" communication training and behavior change, with emphasis on reliable recalls and energy outlets to curb destructive behavior. She continually focuses her work on strengthening the bond between dogs and their people. Ashley accomplishes this by teaching the basics of dog behavior with attention to animal behavior as a whole, using engaging, playful and fun methods and tools. Success is accomplished through connection and communication. Providing people with the skill-set to communicate and interact with their dogs with respect for balance and enriching coexistence is what You and Your Dog Training is all about.



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