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Welcome to You and Your Dog Training and Services located in New Boston, New Hampshire.  We specialize in "obedience" training and behavior change, with emphasis on reliable recalls and energy outlets to curb destructive behavior in dogs using positive reinforcement.  In all classes, we use engaging and fun methods based on the current science we have on canine behavior.

Our training program and space is designed for the greatest learning impact. We built this space so group classes had to stay small and private lessons have minimal interference. This means there is no overlap with multiple classes all going at the same time that you find at many facilities.

Our group classes are designed with you in mind with the majority of our classes maxing at 3 dogs in attendance!

Puppies and Adults

Dog & Puppy Training Orientation:  A free one-hour orientation to get a feel of what training offers, class structure, and methods.  Learn more.

Consultations: 30 minute consultations allow more in depth analysis of what will work best for you and your dog, whether or not the space is comfortable for your dog to further learn, and for you to see if what we offer is a good fit.

Private Dog TrainingIndividual 1-hour sessions at our facility that focus on topics unique to you and your dog’s needs.  These include personalized handouts and customized email support to assist you while you are practicing with your dog at home.

Virtual Training: Our one hour virtual consultation is live, online video conferencing. Each consultation is designed for you and your dog's specific needs. Virtual consultations allow the trainer and you to meet when in-person is not an option (or needed!). 

Puppies (8 weeks up to 5 months)

Free Puppy Play Group:  An opportunity for puppies to play with other puppies, free puppy play groups give puppies positive exposure to set them up for better skills as they get older. Plus, they go home tired!

Puppy Group Training Classes:  Group puppy classes give puppies a good foundation to set them up for success in their human and dog relationships. Skills include:loose leash walking, puppy behavior management, and more. (6 weeks long for one hour/week)

Adult Dogs (6 months and older)

Adult Group Dog Training ClassesDogs are taught foundational skills using reward-based training, starting with the basics of behavior and impulse control.  Advanced and Complete classes are available for dogs who have passed previous levels. (6 weeks long for one hour/week)

Adult Dog Group "Drop-In" Classes/Workshops:  This is a group program with training sessions focused on one or two specific topics. You don’t have to commit to multiple weeks of training, just when it’s convenient for you.  All levels of training accepted.

Adult Dog Group Specialty, Dog Sports, and Focused Fun ClassesWe offer group classes for dogs that are focused on one topic. 

·         Adult Beginner Specialty Classes: Really Truly Reliable RecallEnergy OutletsCooperative Care, and Doggy Parkour  specialty classes for dogs of all levels.  

·        Adult Intermediate Specialty Classes : Nose work, Precision Heeling, Canine Good Citizens, CCC, Hiking Manners, and Agility classes for dogs who have gone through beginner training.

Testing:  Testing is offered twice per year for CGC.   Please contact us for information on higher levels testing and scheduling options.

Private and In Home Training

Private LessonsOne on one lesson(s) that is designed for people and dogs with specific needs. Private lessons take place at our location.  The lessons allow focus on specific issues whether it is dogs jumping on people to dogs barking while on a leash. These lessons best fit people looking for more in depth skills on particular behaviors, schedules that do not allow for group dog classes, or dogs that are timid or upset in group settings (this goes for people too!).

In Home Training: The dog training comes to you in the comfort of your home. These one on one sessions are designed for dogs that exhibit particular behaviors at home, but not elsewhere. For example, dogs that bark at strangers coming into their home but are comfortable in novel environments. In-home dog training is also fitting for people looking for training set ups they can do at home, and have it personalized to their home's specific needs.

Jumpstart Day Training: If you are considering Board and Train,  Day Training is our more effective solution! Our certified Dog Trainer will come to your house for one hour to work solely with your dog,  3 days per week.  The program is developed based on your training goals for your dog.  In addition to the 3 weekly sessions, you will work with your Trainer and your dog in a weekly 1-on-1 transfer session and 1 or 2 follow-up sessions once the weekly training is complete.


One Hour Workshops:  This is one hour group class training focused on one or two specific topics. New topics offered  monthly. Workshop topics range from nail trimming to pulling on leash with everything in between. You don’t have to commit to multiple weeks of training, just when it’s convenient for you.  All levels of training accepted.

Virtual Training

Virtual consultations allow the trainer and you to meet when in-person is not an option (or needed!). We offer one hour virtual consultations (designed for you), 30 minute phone consultations, and virtual workshops/classrooms when people are in need. We do not address all behaviors virtually, but you would be surprised with what can address. Please contact us with the behaviors you're seeking help with to further assess what would be the best fit for you and your dog.

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While we cannot guarantee the outcome of our work with you and your dog, the good news is that many behaviors are very responsive to behavior modification.  Dogs are animals and each is an individual with their own personality, genetics, socialization, and history.  Being animals, we cannot guarantee the final outcome, only that we will do our absolute best to ensure a good outcome for all parties involved.  We pride ourselves on being open and honest and we will always do what is best for you and your dog.

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