We cannot be more pleased to have You and Your Dog part of our dog’s support team.  Our dog Betty is an anxious little girl who has blossomed under Ashley and Kristine’s guidance.  While we enjoyed participating in the Beginner Puppy, Adult Basic and Agility group classes, it was the private lessons with Ashley and more recently, the Day Training with Kristine that made the biggest difference for our dog and our family.  The Day Training is a perfect fit for Betty since it is a one-on-one instruction in the comfort of her own home/neighborhood while learning to interact with the outside world.  With each session Betty was able to build more confidence and we have seen her becoming more comfortable in her own skin.  As dog owners we appreciate all the support and care.  For a dog who exhibits “stranger danger” with most humans outside her family, the pure joy she expresses when Kristine arrives at our house is testimony alone to show how far she has come and the love she feels for and from her trainers.   

Thank you for all you do! 

-       Fred & Stefanie

I am so thankful I took the leap and did 4 weeks of day training with Kristine! Duncan is a now 8 month only Goldendoodle who runs through life with his mouth open! It can make it hard for him to control himself around visitors and our nine year old daughter.

These photos show the progress he has made! We what he has learned from Kristine has given us the ability to give him commands and an environment where he can get excited but also relax.

These belly rubs by my best friend is huge progress and I have been so looking forward to the day of having a couch buddy!

Kristine very quickly became a part of our house 4 days a week and she was kind and respectful and truly developed a great relationship with Duncan and our family. I am so thankful for this experience and knowledge, day training has been such a huge help and we will forever be thankful for being recommended to check out You & Your Dog!

- Amanda

I'd highly recommend working with Ashley. Her passion for dogs and upbeat nature makes class engaging and enjoyable. She has a tremendous depth of knowledge with extensive experience in a wide range of training and behavioral situations. She teaches so much more than just sit and stay and educates owners about dogs and proper dog ownership.

Ashley helped from the early puppy stages, through two puppy and two adult level training classes, and one intro to agility class. She even worked to remedy unwanted doggy behavior at home! It was a pleasure to work with her.

The only thing you will regret is not having more time with her.

- Khalessi

I have been attending/participating in Ashley's Shelter Dog classes for quite a while now. She is such a natural teacher, that she seamlessly is teaching not only the dog but the handler at the same time. The skills that I have learned and continue to learn from her are invaluable. In class I feel she has super human eye sight sometimes as she is watching the dogs behavior and the handlers at the same time, I don't think she misses a thing. The mood is always upbeat and energetic, I look forward to them. Praise is given above and beyond. Feedback is timely and positive. If there is a mess up, it is acknowledged and a different approach is presented to avoid the situation going forward. Some days she has specific exercises for different dogs and before starting she thoroughly explains the exercise and the theory behind it. During and after these interactions she is pointing out key successes and ways to modify the exercise if the dog is uninterested or struggling. Respect is shown to all, she truly is setting people and dogs up to succeed. For that I am very thankful and glad to participate in this very important class. Ashley you are a dog/person trainer "Rock Star."

Thank you for your guidance and sharing your gift.


The old phrase "a teacher is born not made" is how best to describe Ashley. Teachers need to know their subject matter well; Ashley grew up with dogs, understands the foibles of different breeds and also their strengths. And a teacher needs to be able to teach. We took our German Shepherd to three obedience classes and an agility class with Ashley.  Due in a large part to the training she received and to the interactions she had with the other dogs in the classes, she is good with people and good with other dogs. But it's the little things that weren't actually on the lesson sheets that stand out in my mind now, like how to keep a "talkative" German Shepherd quiet when a lesson is going on! Ashley treats every dog individually and is incredibly supportive to the dog's owner/family.


Ashley has a natural way with dogs, and their humans.  We met her about two years ago and brought our new puppy through training. This pup was the easiest pup to train, and quickly learned everything taught.  We brought her to training to form a bond with her, and to set up expectations. The training was comfortable, not rushed, and Ashley took the time to answer any and all questions we ever had. The other pups in class were not as easy, and Ashley demonstrated extreme patience with the pups, and mostly, the learning humans.

We were so impressed with Ashley, we brought our more mature, and tougher dog to do some one on one training with. Even though our dogs got along extremely well, we new something was a little off. Bringing a new pup into the house changes the dynamic, and Ashley kindly suggested some one on one training may help. And it did!! Ashley had so many fantastic suggestions, it's almost impossible not to be successful with your dog.

With all this being said, since going to dog training with both dogs, Ashley always invites questions, should they arise. When they do Ashley is always prompt with a response, and offers plenty of suggestions to be successful.

We truly cannot recommend Ashley enough! We tell everyone about her, her love for dogs, and the passion she has to make both humans and dogs successful.

-Amy & Jeremy

I highly recommend Ashley Clark for a dog trainer. She possesses extensive knowledge of dog behavior. Ashley is caring, professional and skilled at seeing what is needed to help dogs and owners succeed in their relationship.She uses positive training techniques which is key in helping you grow the relationship between you and your pooch. I have worked with many dog trainers over the years because my dogs have more extracurricular activities than I do!

Recently, Ashley has helped me work through issues with one of my dogs that is extremely fearful. I cannot express enough how thankful I am to have found her. Her patience and willingness to enter into a true partnership with you is phenomenal. She is invested in your success which is something you really do not often find in the dog training community. Thank you Ashley!


A little more than a year ago, we adopted Josie's brother, Runner. Runner is a retired (Basset Hound) show dog who came to us with a lot of issues, and our breeder who gave him to us said his behavior likely wouldn't get better. Well, two weeks with us, and he was like a brand new dog. We applied the lessons we learned from Ashley, and he has zero resource guarding issues.  When we got him, we had to feed him in a separate room from Josie or there would be a huge fight. Now he won't eat until Josie's bowl is next to his.

We are always getting compliments on how well behaved our dogs are, and it wouldn't be that way without the tools Ashley gave us. It's not really about training. It's about learning to communicate between you and your dog,and that's something you can use again and again.


Ashley was instrumental in our adventure of becoming first time pet parents and setting a good foundation for our new addition Penny. We knew we always wanted to adopt from a rescue, and when we brought our puppy home we knew that we needed to start this relationship on the right foot which of course included some training. Ashley adores dogs, and that shows through every training session and lesson she leads. She was great at helping establish basic commands but also answering the everyday questions that came up along the way especially for us as first time owners. There was no question too big or small, they could be simple based on current commands or lessons we were working on, but she was also happy to answer behavioral questions and I enjoyed having a resource as we navigated through this new journey.

Over two years later Penny still responds to all commands, and has been the ideal pup (for our family anyway). :) Penny has a great personality and sweet temperament, but Ashley's instruction helped lay a great foundation and really established some great patterns and behaviors for not just Penny but for us too! Ashley is an excellent trainer for all pups and their parents, and I couldn't say enough wonderful things of what Ashley has done for our family and what a fabulous addition Penny has been!

-Kim, Chris & Penny

I have been working/training with Ashley to improve and tweak my puppy's obedience for Schutzhund. In the amount of time I have been with Ashley, I have learned so much and have gained confidence in my handling skills. She is always prepared for class and she has such positive energy training dogs,that you can't help but embrace her energy. Her knowledge and experience of dog behaviors and problem-solving is extensive and I am convinced that she can fix any and all behavior issues that a handler/owner is experiencing. Ashley epitomizes the science of dog training, I am extremely lucky to work/train with her.

-Diane & Scudder

Ashley was my training instructor for my lab rescue, Suzie. Suzie was already five years old and needed to learn the basics of sit, down, stay and walking nicely on the leash. Ashley did a fantastic job and Suzie and I learned a lot. It was so helpful I enrolled for the next level of training. I would highly recommend Ashley, who has a great understanding of how to train dogs, with a loving, caring and gentle attitude. She has a lot of great tricks to help your dog learn quickly and easily.


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