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We offer flexible one hour workshops that allows for busy people and those with changing work schedules to be able to attend one dog training workshop or many at their own pace.

Attend one workshop to reinforce your dog's basic skills or attend many to take your dog to the next level. You can sign up for a one hour workshop whenever the need arises.  Class sizes are limited so it is mandatory to register for your workshop at least 24 hours in advance.

Class Requirements: Attendance at a free Orientation session for new clients or permission from trainer, dogs attending must be comfortable around unknown dogs and people, for dogs 6 months and older, proof of up to date vaccinations, paper proof of current rabies vaccination.

Below are the upcoming workshops:

Workshops with Ashley Clark CPDT-KA

Workshops with Kim Duval CCDT

(Wednesday and Thursday morning or afternoon)

Workshops with Kristine Thurston CPDT-KA

(Wednesday and Thursday evenings)

Workshops at Milford Veterinary Hospital with Ashley Clark

(Once a month Sunday's at 1:15pm)

Sunday Workshops at

Milford Veterinary Hospital

Join us at the Milford Veterinary Hospital for one-hour workshops hosted on the first Sunday of every month.  Workshop topics change every month ranging from nail trimming to coming when called.

These workshops have two registration options, with your dog or without your dog.  If you are enrolling with your dog please understand that you dog must be comfortable around unknown dogs and unknown people.

Workshop Requirements: Registration through the online calendar, proof of up to date vaccinations (only for the dogs attending!).

Below are the upcoming workshops.

To find out more about training packages and cost savings visit here.

Upcoming Seminars

TBD applications and ideas for 2020 presenters are now being accepted.

Please email Ashley for applications and input.

Not sure what fits best for you and your dog? Schedule an in-person consultation.

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