Agility Workshops

Unlock a world of fun and bonding with our One Hour Agility Workshops! Designed for teams of all skill levels, these workshops provide a fantastic opportunity to explore a variety of agility equipment in a short, impactful session. Whether you’re new to agility or looking to sharpen your skills, each workshop is tailored to help you and your dog succeed in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

What to Expect:

  • Personalized Attention: With a maximum of four dog-human pairs per session, our CPDT-KA certified trainers ensure you receive individual guidance.
  • Diverse Equipment: Each workshop focuses on two pieces of agility equipment, ranging from tunnels and weave poles to contact obstacles and pause tables. This variety keeps learning exciting and challenging for your dog.
  • Skill Building: We emphasize positive reinforcement to enhance your dog’s agility and confidence, focusing on both physical techniques and mental engagement.
  • Community Environment: Connect with other enthusiasts and become part of our supportive community, all while enjoying an active, fun-filled hour.

Our workshops are designed for enhancing communication, strengthening your connection, and providing a foundation of skills that you can continue to develop at home. Ready to jump into agility?

Class Requirements:

  • Completion of Basics or Puppy Intermediate group class or permission from the trainer (email us at
  • Dogs attending must be comfortable around unknown dogs and people
  • Reliable recall or two handlers per dog. This is an outside class with no fences on the perimeter. If you are unsure of your dog's recall and a one person dog team, certain equipment will need trainer assistance (this just means rewarding your dog while they wait their turn!)
  • For dogs 6 months and older* with proof of up to date vaccinations, proof of current rabies vaccination (email all vaccinations before your first class)
  • Sign/send waivers of liability.

Class spots are limited to 4 dogs and no more than 2 people per dog in attendance. Please read our client commitment, refund policy, and weather cancellation policy!

If a workshop is canceled due to weather you have the option to transfer to future Agility workshop opening or receive a credit to apply to any future class/workshop purchase.

*Dogs under one year may participate, but certain obstacles are kept at low heights to prevent stress on still forming joints and growth plates. Senior dogs are also encouraged to attend and modifications are made as needed to respect an aging dog's body requirements.

Not sure what fits best for you and your dog? Schedule an in-person consultation.

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