COVID-19 Safety for You and Your Dog

What to Expect

Here at You and Your Dog Training & Services safety is our number one priority.  Both in signing our waivers and following the safety rules for COVID-19 you are keeping all animals in attendance safe (both humans and canines.) Any attendee who does not follow the rules listed below will asked to leave the premises and forfeits their place in class, no refunds.

COVID-19 Requirements for All Clients and Staff:

  • Face masks are worn upon leaving your vehicle and throughout your time on the premises.
  • Application of hand sanitizer upon entering the training room.
  • Sign and email waivers before your first class.
  • One handler per dog for inside group classes*
  • Maintaining 6 to 10 feet of distance.

*certain outside classes can have 2 handlers per dog. Email the trainer holding the class for more details.

Private lesson clients can have two handlers in attendance. If you have a family and want more than two in attendance please email your trainer for options.

Keeping Clients Safe

You and Your Dog Training & Services is following these enhanced procedures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) at our facility.*

  • All clients must wear a surgical or clothe mask upon leaving your vehicle and throughout your time on the premises.
  • A maximum of three handlers and dogs will be allowed inside the training room as directed by their trainer.
  • One handler per dog in attendance.
  • Additional time will be scheduled in between client appointments to limit client contact.
  • Each client and trainer is required to apply hand sanitizer upon entering the training room.
  • All equipment used during training will be cleaned, sterilized, and disinfected.
  • All surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned with Rescue disinfectant before and after each client, according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • All trainers will be wearing a surgical or clothe mask, ensuring all clients and themselves maintain 6 feet or more of distance throughout their time on the premises, and will be washing hands after disinfecting before/after ever class.

*These protocols were already in use before COVID-19 with the exception of face masks and strict distancing between trainer and clients!


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