In-Home Day Training Consultation


The In-Home Day Training Consultation is an essential part of Day Training.  The Consultation allows the Dog Trainer to determine if Day Training would be a good fit for you and your dog.  During the consultation, our Certified Dog Trainer will meet with you and your family for 1.5 to 2 hours to discuss your training goals.  This allows the Dog Trainer to assess which Day Training Package would be best in order to meet your goals quickly and efficiently.  The time spent together also gives your Dog Trainer the opportunity  to build a rapport with your dog and answer questions you may have about Day Training. 

Schedule your In-Home Day Training Consultation.

 Requirements:  proof of up-to-date vaccinations, including paper proof of current rabies vaccination for dogs over 16 weeks, and signed waivers of liability.

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While we cannot guarantee the outcome of our work with you and your dog, the good news is that many behaviors are very responsive to behavior modification.  Dogs are animals and each is an individual with their own personality, genetics, socialization, and history.  Being animals, we cannot guarantee the final outcome, only that we will do our absolute best to ensure a good outcome for all parties involved.  We pride ourselves on being open and honest and we will always do what is best for you and your dog.

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