Workshop Topics

Dogs attending must be comfortable around unknown dogs and people.

Virtual attendance is an option for most topics, just ask!

Energy Outlets

One of the biggest issues for dog people is finding creative ways to provide energy outlets for their dogs.  These workshops has a little bit of everything: nosework games, focus/attention games, problem-solving, pattern games, and more!

Dealing with off leash dogs

and other oh crap moments

This empowering one-hour workshop is designed for dog handlers keen on learning how to deal with off-leash dogs that charge. This focused session is crafted to equipyou with the knowledge, strategies, and confidence to manage andde-escalate potentially risky encounters with off-leash dogs.


and being part of planet dog

As the season changes, so does the world around us and, consequently, the experiences of canine companions. This one hour workshop is specifically designed to address the unique challenges and distractions that spring and fall bring forth. You will learn practical techniques and engaging games to improve focus and cooperation between you and your dog during these distraction-filled months.

Dynamic Duos

it's not just found in mondioring. . .

Imagine a walk where your dog can engage the world around them, yet still remains connected to you, sharing every moment together. Contact heeling isn't about strict "commands" or rigid walking patterns; it's about giving your dog the flexibility to engage with their environment in a structured way, with you as their anchor.

Why You'll Love Teaching Contact Heeling:

  • Empowerment: Allows your dog to make choices, to explore ahead or linger behind, while staying in contact with you.
  • Security: In crowded or overwhelming spaces, your dog can find comfort and confidence by remaining connected to their anchor, you.
  • Awareness: You and your dog can gather environmental cues with fair expectations.
  • Versatility: Perfect for dog sports, busy streets, or tranquil parks, providing a seamless way to keep connected.
  • Simplicity: Easier to teach and more intuitive for your dog than traditional precision heeling.

Whether you're navigating a bustling crowd, enjoying a stroll past the barking neighbor, or participating in dog sports, contact heeling enhances the walk for both of you. It's not just a technique; it's a way to deepen the bond with your dog, ensuring they feel secure, engaged, and happy.

Greeting Manners

aka not jumping to say hi

Does your dog jump on you, your neighbors, and/or friends? This one-hour workshops addresses the science behind dogs jumping, attention seeking behaviors as whole, techniques for dealing with jumping and ways to set you and your dog up for future success.

Happy Handling

Also known as Cooperative Care. Is your dog nervous at the vet or afraid of simple grooming like brushing and nail clipping? This one-hour workshop introduces ways to help your dog be more comfortable with common husbandry tasks. We will introduce:

  • Dog body language and stress signals
  • How to create a Conditioned Emotional Response
  • Fun, low stress handling games

Hand Targeting and Location Behaviors

Want to add another great way to recall your dog? How great would it be to have your dog go to a spot and hang out while guests are arriving or the delivery person is at the door? This one-hour workshop introduces target training, location behaviors and the skills to do just that. Come explore the many uses for "touch" and "place".

Indoor Agility Games

Rainy Day Blues got you down?  Do you long for nice weather so you and your dog can practice your Agility skills?  Why wait when you can practice indoors!  This one hour workshop introduces indoor games you can play with your dog to continue building skills important in Agility.  Examples include: 2-on-2-off training for contact obstacles, improving handler focus, working turns, and start line stays. Haven't done Agility yet? No problem!  These are great foundational skills and games for any dog/handler team.

Leash Manners

One of the biggest issues for dog owners is finding a way for both dog and human to enjoy a walk together. This one hour workshop discusses the behavior into "why dogs pull" and the steps we can take to make our walks more enjoyable, for both dog and human!

Nail Trimming

The woes of trimming your dogs nails are endless. Join us for a one hour workshop where we address best practices for nail trimming, dog body handling, and fun management tools.

Dogs attending must be comfortable with basic handling and have no bite history.

Rainy Day Training Games

Want a fun way to burn some brain calories?  This is it!  This workshop focuses on introducing the training technique called shaping.  Shaping is an approach where you break down a behavior into small slices and reward approximations towards the end result.

Socialization during Isolation

Join us for this 1-hour workshop that shows you ways to work on socialization that can function around home base. We will cover many different topics including: what socialization is (and is not), introducing novel objects and surfaces, added appendages (i.e. umbrellas and sunglasses!), and what to do when your puppy is uncomfortable.

Don't forget virtual attendance is an option as well!

Surviving Puppy Teeth and "Shark Attacks"

It's a fact, puppy teeth hurt. Sometimes you may think your cuddly pup is possessed. You may even have the puncture wounds to prove it! This one hour workshop discusses the science behind puppy biting and ways to help your household survive this challenging time in their development.

Tricks for Treats!

This tricks-focused workshop is great for teams who want to add a little variety to their training, burn brain calories to prevent cabin fever, and build a dog's confidence (handlers too!)

Every workshop varies with the following topics offered:

  • Tricks like spin, sit "Pretty," curtsy, etc.
  • Intro to Nose Work and starter games
  • Training techniques: Shaping and Capturing
  • Games like "Go Hunt," "Which Hand," etc.
  • Where is . . ." (these are nose focused games of using scent to find particular items, we do a toy/food item and "lost" person)

If you are wanting to learn a specific trick, email with your request and we will try to accommodate!

Not sure what fits best for you and your dog? Email us for further recommendations.

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